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Custom Colored Removable Installs (Glueless Wigs)

So proud to introduce you to our very popular color collection! There is something for everyone in this collection from the conservative to the daring! everyone needs at least one custom colored fitted wig 🙌🏾

Our Natural Removable Installs ™️ imitate flat and flawless sewins. They are custom handmade according to the size you choose. They are made with Two 3.5-4 oz extensions and a lace closure. 3 extensions if 22 inch and longer

These glueless wigs don’t require glue, bands, gel or hairspray. Please order our special Extra Grip Wig Band to place under your Removable Install ™️ to make sure it’s as snug as possible. The Extra Grip Wig Band is 80% effective as glue. 

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